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I will start with this picture. Whenever you open an image, it sould default as a background layer. Punch through paper effect photoshop.

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ERROR(76): Could not find a part of the path 'C: Games Nexus Mod Manager Data scripts FNIS_aa2.pex'. In case you didn't know, but it isn't recommended to install Skyrim in the UAC (User Account Control) protected C: Program Files(x86) folder. This section covers some common problems that you might encounter when writing Java applets. After each problem is a list of possible reasons and solutions. Dec 07, 2015  Yes, the load order of FNIS follows the STEP guide. FNIS Behaviour. FNIS Creature Pack. MT Werewolf Essentials. I also turned off UAC and moved my steam install with skyrim to a new HDD and the result is the same. I opted to not use this mod anymore and use the first version. I also use other mods which add interaction with creatures, and FNIS reads the new animations fine.

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