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SPECIALIZED ROLES FOR QUALIFIED VOLUNTEERS Officials roles are among the most important positions when planning badminton events as they are specialized roles filled by qualified volunteers. Badminton events of all size - be it a local circuit tournament, county competition or even one of our major events - on a national and international level, require a team of officials. This team will typically be made up of: • Line judges • Umpires • Match referees Click below for ways to qualify to become a badminton official and start your journey on a pathway that could end up taking you around the world.

Officiating In Badminton

Chapter 4 Officiating a Badminton GameChapter Objectives:After studying this chapter, the students are expected to be able to: define what officiating is; explain the duties of the officials and the rules involved in playing a badminton game; demonstrate the hand signals used in officiating a badminton game; accept every decision of the.