Comodo Filesystem Filter Driver Is Not Loaded

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Comodo linux file system filter driver is not loadedFile

Comodo Filesystem Filter Driver Is Not Loaded Ubuntu

Hello everyone! I'm completely new to Linux, having just moved from Windows XP yesterday. For reference, I am running 32-bit Fedora 20 with 990.6 MiB memory, an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, GNOME version 3.10.2 and a 115.7 GB hard disk. I installed CAVL but the status panel at the side says, 'Filesystem filter driver not loaded'. Trying to fix this leads me through the following: • Click 'Run diagnostics' • Run /opt/COMODO/cavdiagnostic as root user • It gives the message, 'Kernel module 'redirts.ko' appropriate for current kernel version does not exist. Please run /opt/COMODO/ to install it. Hindi movie songs 2018.