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  1. Download Din 1055 Pdf English Pdf

Download Din 1055 Pdf English Pdf

DIN - German national standard DIN - German Institute for Standardization was established April 25, 1924 together with VDI - The Association of German Engineers. Beuth Verlag GmbH is responsible, as a subsidiary of DIN German Institute for Standardization, for distribution of national and international technical standards and regulations and literature to science, industry, trade, services and other sectors of the economy. Distribution of DIN standards we provide under license Beuth Verlag GmbH for sale DIN standards in print and electronic format (PDF). All DIN standards are published in German. Most German standards, whether they are national standards DIN,, or exists in English translation. In our e-shop you can therefore buy German standards only in German or English language. To search the list of German DIN standards, please use the at the top of this site.