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The guy off to the right will heal your pokemon so go through and do your battles. Head down the steps on the other side of the room and you can get yourself a Master Ball! Go back up and battle the grunt if you haven’t already. Pokemon Blazed Glazed Locations. A guest Apr 17th, 2018 95 Never ENDING IN.

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Legendary Pokemon::::: Regigigas/Rock/Ice/Steel Head into Mt. Stratus from Geminite Village. See the ladder over yonder? Surf over the water and head down.

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Then go up the waterfall and head north. Go to all three caves to catch them. Head back to the steps once you have all three and a door will appear to Regigigas. Mew After the Tunod League head back up to the top of Mt. Stratus where you fought him before.

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Make sure you have a spot in your party, go talk to him and he will join your party. Zekrom Oceanview City power plant. Head to the roof and head east. Victini Head to Seaspray town and west passing the pokemart. Go north until you hit water, surf and head west then all the way south until you hit a house.