Softube Tape Vst Download

Buy the Softube TAPE-SFT Tape [DOWNLOAD] Analog Tape Emulation Plugin at Full Compass. Softube's Tape plugin adds cohesion and weight to your mixes.

Softube from Sweden offers a fine array of quality plugins for recording. Their latest endeavor is TAPE, a reel to reel emulation plugin meant to give your recording the sound of having been recorded on an analog tape reel. Such plugins are common and most major producers of recording plugins offer one.


Softube Tape Vst Download

There was a time when all records were recorded on tape and it is believed to give records more space and depth than a completely digital recording. The reel has a certain subtle hiss or distortion to it that creates space.

It can already be heard when you play back the reel before it has been recorded on. Reel to reel can help open up a recording creating spatial gaps between the instruments. The Interface The plugin’s interface has a cool and realistic design! The parameter options are very much like a real reel to reel device. We have a level and THD (total harmonic distortion) meters. The THD lets you see how much space or harmonic distortion you are adding. This can be adjusted with the Amount knob.

Softube Tape Vst Download

Softube Tape Free Download

For different colors of distortion, you can choose between 3 different types or models of tape machines. Next to that, we can change the speed of the tape. Solitaire icon for desktop. For example, back it the day you could slow the tape speed down which you gave you more mileage from the tape reel. In the case of Softube TAPE plugin the slower the tape the more lo-fi, so to speak. The Remote Control can be opened on the lower right side revealing another group of parameters. Download primbon jawa lengkap pdf Here we have Dry/Wet, Speed Stability, High-Frequency Trim, and Cross Talk. Speed Stability lets you change how stable the tape is moving in the reel.