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Trivia The actor who plays Travis Manawa,, is a New Zealander of Maori descent. Curtis has become known over the years for playing characters who come from a wide variety of racial, national, and/or ethnic backgrounds (including Latino, African-American, Iraqi Arab, Indian, and others) but he has only rarely had roles in which he played someone who shared his actual lineage. Resident evil 4 pc krauser mod. In an August 2015 interview, Curtis revealed that when he was cast as Travis, the show's creators adjusted his character to make Travis also of Maori descent, and that it is one of the only roles he's had for which he was not required to cover his traditional tattoos. 'Manawa' is a Maori word meaning 'mangrove tree'; it can also refer to a person's hand, breath, or heart, depending on the context. Very bad writing. Telugu etv serials. In fact it's so bad that I can't help feeling perplexed at how in god's name the writers of this show got to be writers in the first place, let alone on such a big franchise.