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Finally, an update. Nothing too grand, but SUCCESS has put up a survey for fans of the previous game to fill out. Of course, most of you probably cannot read Japanese. So, I've taken the liberty of translating the questions to the best of my ability. Prestashop


Knowing the entire hiragana alphabet can only take you so far. Who many people did you play with in the last game? Genso suikoden psp english patch.

Wrestle Angel Survivor 2 Iso Download


Wrestle Angels Survivor(PS2) hi everyone this game called Wrestle Angel Survivor is a really fun game to bad it is only available in japanese. This game is a Wrestling Simulation where you are a boss of a company and you are hiring female wrestlers and you can also play as the wrestler to in the ring only it is a card based to see what move you.

When you played the last game, how many COM opponents did you play against? 1 Organization (Only NJW) B. 2 Organizations (NJW + 1 Organization) C. 3 Organization (NJW + 2 Organization) D.

Wrestle Angel Survivor 2 Iso Free

4 Organization (NJW + 3 Organization) 3. How many years did you play your last game? 5-10 Years C. 10-20 Years D. 20-50 Years E.