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Hello creatures of all kinds and Welcome to yet another book review. And how happy am I to finally have read the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book and I’m even happier cuz it was the first book read in 2019. Well of course I’m not going to completely review it like I normally do cuz it’s the Harry Potter book, everyone has read it, everyone loves it, everyone knows what happens. Everyone knew except me and now I know too, so what I’m actually going to do is that I’m going to just share my thoughts and opinions about it. So yeah, if you’re interested just stay for the rest of the article. Let me just for starters say my whole experience with Harry Potter.

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I believe I was in Kindergarten when it first time around but I’m not sure cuz I just never cared to check on the first publication date but yeah I just never was interested in reading this Harry Potter books. Well I actually never had friends that read books so there was no way I could learn about Heart photo books from my social surrounding that’s not a phrase Whatever yeah, so I first learned about Harry Potter when I was doing English lessons and a classmate of mine was obsessed with Harry Potter and whenever we had speaking practice and the theme was books or fantasy or movies and stuff, she was like “oh Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter did this,Harry Potter did that and I love this character, I love that character blah blah blah” and it all seemed Chinese to me. When I got deeper inside the book world, I started realizing that Harry Potter is a huge thing in literature and everyone loves it and everyone knows what it is and everyone knows what happens in there and then the movies came around and I just didn’t want to watch them cuz I’ve been through a time when I was just not showing interest to everything that was (over)hyped. Everything famous and popular, I wasn’t going to be interested in it but that was me and that’s partially what I still do, just now I’m more flexible. I’ll give chances to popular books but I am going to continue reading the “hidden Gems” as I like to call them.