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Please note that I have quite a few flash games on this website. These games does not have a phone symbol in the corner of the thumbnail. Doki doki shinpan english patch. You need to enable flash for your browser in order for them to work (how to do this varies between browsers, google yours and you should get the appropriate guide up).

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Furthermore these games only work on desktop (or if you are using a browser such as puffin which does enable flash on mobile devices). PLEASE NOTE: Flash is being deprecated, more and more browsers are pulling support for it. It’s still working for me in chrome on desktop so the best tip I can give is to use that. But sadly there’s nothing else I can do. Please check wether the game is flash or HTML5 before telling me that it’s not working. If it’s an HTML5 game (meaning that the thumbnail has a phone icon in there) and you’re still experiencing issues, include what device and browser you are using in your report and if you’re using an adblocker. “The game is not working” does not help me in helping you.

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