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Beyblade Metal Revolution (known as Metal Fight Beyblade Revolution in Japan and ベイブレードメタル革命 or Beiburēdometaru kakumei in Japanese), is a Japanese/American anime & manga series and is the 5th season of the metal saga after Beyblade Shogun Steel. It takes place in Metal Bey City, Japan (on another planet than Earth called Co:pern:ica) in late 2014 and early 2015. The series will introduce a new system called the 'Neon FX' system with new inverted glowing colored bey parts, spinning stadium, and a new way to store you're beys and launching systems called a bey gauntlet. All the beys now come with string launchers with handles that are the color of the bey's element.

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For more info about the toys see 'BMR Official Toyline'. Autocad 2013 keygen free download. This is the longest season in the history of beyblade. As it has a total of 62 episodes, Hasbro will change the tracks and tips to make them weaker just like they did with the 4D beys.