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1) Get Niresh Maverics Install image (DMG) 2) Use Disk Utility on a Mac or existing Hackintosh to prepare a USB flash drive (partition it as OS X extended (journaled)) and MBR (not GPT) 3) Use Disk Utility on a Mac or existing Hackintosh to create an Install USB. To do that, one must first mount the Maverics Image (double click on it) and use the mounted image (Niresh Maverics) to restore onto the USB flash drive. Check out instructions on the Internet about how to do it.

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Intel Gma X3100 Driver

Patch Gma X3100 Kext

Intel Gma X3100 Review

4) Install Chameleon Boot Loader onto the new Install USB 5) Boot with the new Maverics Install USB and once you are in the first install screen click Disk Utility on thw top menu and prepare the destination disk. Make sure it is partitioned for OS X extended (journaled) and MBR. Tom and jerry. To do that, before you click «partition» click on «Options» and select MBR. 6) After that, continue with the installation 7) At the end, the system reboots. Reboot back into Install USB flash drive and install Chameleon Boot Loader, onto the Maverics destination Disk. Then, take out the USB flash disk and reboot into Maverics. 8) After the first boot into Maverics, the sytem will perform certain tasks (repair permissions, etc.).