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The result of the comparison between two databases or database projects is analyzed and allows you to apply the change from source database to target, or simply generate T-SQL scripts you can view, modify and run at your control. Azure SQL Database shares a common code base with SQL Server. The features of SQL Server supported by Azure SQL Database depend on the type of Azure SQL database that you create. With Azure SQL Database, you can either create a database as part of a managed instance or you can create a database that.

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Access 2016 Office for business Access 2013 Database Compare 2013 Database Compare 2016 Database Compare 2019 Suppose the design of your Microsoft Access desktop database has changed (new or modified tables, queries, field properties, forms, or reports) and you want to see a history of these changes. If you’re using Office 2013 Professional Plus, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional, or Office 365 ProPlus, you have Database Compare. You can use Database Compare to compare the one version of an Access desktop database to another. You’ll see difference, such as new or changed tables, queries, fields, field properties, and so on, in a SQL Server Reporting Services report that you can export to Excel or save in PDF format. Note: You can't use Database Compare with Access web apps. The sims freeplay hack ifunbox.