Fuzion Digital Scale Manual

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  1. How To Calibrate A Fuzion Digital Scale
Fuzion digital scaleFuzion

How To Calibrate A Fuzion Digital Scale


The Fuzion Professional Digital Counter Scale is a high quality, high capacity scale that will give you a long, useful service life. This scale is perfect for weighing small and big quantities of just about anything. Even though this scale is meant for a counter/table, it is still very portable and will run off of batteries or AC power with the included AC adapter plug. It has a stainless steel platform top that is under the black protective cover. You can flip the black protective cover upside down, place it on the scale top and use it as a small container to weigh your contents in. You can also weigh directly on the scale top or use the included, oversized bowl that fits on the top of the scale. It has an on/memory, off, light, tare and mode button.

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